When planning the perfect meal always be sure to have an appetizer, main dish, multiple side dishes and a dessert for the final plate. While you are in the process of choosing your dishes you will be serving, be sure that each and every dish will coinside well with the next. For instance if you are creating a main dish that has a spicy kick, you do not want to serve any appetizers or side dishes that are also spicy. It tends to be overwhelming for your guests. If you add in mellow foods for your side dishes, it will give their taste buds a chance to cool down after eating your spicy creation. Below are some examples of great foods and recipes to use for your five or even six course meal.


Tortilla chips and a dip
Veggies and dip
Cheese and crackers
Garlic and herb cheese sticks

Main Dish

Fully prepare salad with meats, cheeses, veggies and dressing
Pasta dishes
Broiled dinners with meat, veggies and starches such as potatos

Side Dishes

Small salads
Pasta Salad
Bread sticks
Fresh fruit


Fresh fruit pies
Upside down cakes
Dessert squares
Mint fudge
Homemade ice cream

Spicy Recipes

Quick, Easy and Spicy Salsa

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Spicy Recipes

Ginger-Cake Shortbread Cobbler

The Ginger-Cake Shortbread Cobbler is a great dessert for the holiday season or any special occasion that calls for a sweet and tasteful recipe. With...

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Spicy Recipes

The Sangrita Recipe

The Baja Spicy recipe is a mouth water dish that will set your taste buds on fire all while soothing your cravings for a tasty...

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